Girls Season 2, Episode 10 (Finale) “Together”

This season finale truly made me feel like these “happy endings” were not part of real life for 20-somethings in New York City, let alone any place in the world because I think it’s just pandering to what the audience wants to see.  I would have enjoyed seeing something more real.  Relationships are complex and complicated.  I just think that we have examples of Hannah and Marnie who are at their emotional breaking points, and their knights are coming to their rescue. 

I truly as a viewer worry for the mental state of Hannah because she had a month to write an e-book for a publisher who wasn’t giving her the best notes.  She was going to fail before she took on the assignment. As a 20-something, I know when wonderful professional opportunities come my way, I am unable to take on more than I can handle. Hannah who’s had a history of mental health issues saw her OCD return at their worst professional time in her life but at the same time, philosophically her body needs a break.  The body works in weird ways.  

Her editor, David, calls Hannah while she is looking up medical advice on various search engines.  David is not happy because he has not received new pages from Hannah.  It’s his job and his ass on the line because he took on Hannah, a new literary talent.  He explained to Hannah if he does not receive her pages that he could sue her for the cost of the book advance he gave her.  She’s stuck at a crossroads.  David also was not in the mood to listen her excuses of her ruptured eardrum.


Photo: HBO

The future happiness between Ray and Shoshanna seems at a standstill.  She’s not happy with Ray because she’s 21 and just now at a place in her life when she is just exploring love and really only has experiences with Ray.  Having Ray in her apartment has her playing house at time in her life when she shouldn’t be.  Your in the most exciting city in the world and your stuck in one night because your 33 year old boyfriend is moody and angry that his life hasn’t gone down the path he was hoping for.  At this point Shoshanna still had not been honest with Ray about her infidelity with the doorman from night she went to her friend’s party. 

The ever confusing love between Ray and Shoshanna, I am guessing is coming to a summer’s love ending as she is more apart than him ever. She’s 21, she’s still trying to figure herself out and her playing house with Ray isn’t making her happy. I mean hell, she cheated on him with a doorman, what’s next a tall, blonde preppy Ralph Lauren type (oh yea, she made out one of those during her distress over Ray!


Photo: HBO

Charlie and Marnie’s relationship was turning into a casual sexual relationship, where now she is more than happy to go to his apartment because in her mind it gets her one step closer to getting back together with him.  She is even impressed with the new sexual moves Charlie has (perhaps Audrey taught him a lot more than we thought!)

Hannah calls her father to ask him about her eardrum but it turns into a call that her dad doesn’t want to deal with at the moment.  She explains to him about the situation with the book publisher, and asked for the money from her advance so she can just pay back the editor and get him off her back. Her father explodes tells her that he’s sick of being manipulated by Hannah.  It’s Hannah’s mess, she needs to clean it up!

Charlie and Marnie’s signals are mixed after she discussed at their lunch together about taking their relationship to the next level. It’s her thought process that they needed time apart to explore other experiences and they have learned from them. Charlie doesn’t see their relationship that way rather only wanting to a casual relationship. Marnie runs out of the restaurant only to act like a teenage girl. Charlie follows her out of the restaurant where she tells him that this past year was the worst one of her life. She wants him back in her life, she wants to make him a snack at night, have his little brown babies, and see him die. Charlie tells Marnie that’s all that he has ever wanted.


Photo: HBO

Ray meets with Hermie, the owner of Grumpy’s and tells him that he’s gotta make some changes in his life. He thought about going to back to school full time so he could earn his Ph.D in Latin Studies.  (Ray was studying Latin Studies!) Hermie tells Ray of a new professional opportunity with Grumpy as he is opening a two story Grumpy’s in Brooklyn Heights that he wants Ray to manage.  It’s an opportunity to have a full time job and manage a store that he can take some pride into.  He saw this a way to win Shoshanna’s heart back.

Marnie is worried about Hannah so she visits her apartment to find her hiding under her bed. She doesn’t look under the bed. What she does find is one written line on Hannah’s computer that reads, “A friendship between college friends is more grander than any romance.”


Photo: HBO

Shoshanna and Ray are in two different places in their life.  Ray was excited to tell Shoshanna about his new job at Grumpy’s. Shoshanna exploded at him to explain that he hates everything and she cannot deal with his black soul at this time in her life. She loves him but at the place in her life that she couldn’t deal with him anymore.  Ray thinks that Shosh is seeing another guy.   He thinks that it’s a tall, blond guy.  In their final argument Shosh compares Ray to a monkey being trapped in a cage. I have to admit, it’s sad to see these two depart but I think she’s a young 21 year old who want to live life away from Ray.  I am definitely think that Ray will be removed from Shosh’s Facebook Page.

Hannah should know the cardinal rule of self-haircuts, don’t cut it your self or get one during emotional distress! I loved that she looked at magazine and saw a photo of actress, Carrie Mulligan, very cute and short haircut and thought that she could do this herself. Ladies never ever cut your own hair! That’s what salons are for.  She asked the assistance of Laird from downstairs to help her cut the back of her hair.  I think she made herself look like a Muppet character. 

Hannah’s mental state worried me. She lives unable to move and life her life because of her pain.  She could not finish her book let alone get dressed.

In the final scenes of the episode, Hannah calls Adam to say hi but since they are video chatting he sees that is suffering and broken with her hair all cut all and her OCD ticks.  He decided to run to her apartment to sort of save her.  It was sort of cute to this guy run through the streets of Brooklyn shirtless through the subway than to her apartment.  When he finds Hannah in her apartment she said, “You came!” Adam said, “I was always here!” 

There is a scene of Marnie and Charlie going out on the town. Shosh was in a bar in Manhattan putting her tongue down a tall, blond, guy’s throat. This season’s finale was all over the place.

Until next season!

I’m Gavo Capote


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  1. I would love to know if the end of Season 2 was written prior to getting picked up for additional seasons. It could explain a lot, and no I did not find this realistic. Even Carry Bradshaw was left crying at the alter once upon a Manolo.

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