Girls Season 2, Episode 9

We open to learning of Marnie’s new passion for music and how she needs Ray’s assistance in laying down a track.  She had this attitude like any one in the city could lay down a track just like any of Bravo’s Real Housewives that come out with a new EP on ITunes.  I have to say it was funny to watch Ray ideas on what Marnie should do with her life.

Ray and Shoshanna
Ray and Shoshanna

Photo: Jessica Miglio/HBO

Shoshanna’s also waiting on Ray hand and foot like she’s a waitress at a Denny’s because she felt sorry for her actions with the doorman at Radhika’s very upscale New York City apartment building.

Adam’s currently together with Natalia and their relationship has hit that annoying phase when a couple gets coffee at a deli and the guy doesn’t want his girlfriend using artificial sweetener. I have to say their sweet exchanges was nice to see because Adam deserves happiness with someone who can respect him for his challenges.  They are also in place when Natalie’s ready to start having sex with Adam. She lives in a very modern apartment (very different from his apartment which looks like the workshop from “This Old House”.)

Charlie misses a coffee lunch with Marnie and she arrives at his FORBIT offices pissed off. I love the way that she pounded on the glass to get Charlie’s attention while in a meeting with one of computer geniuses.  These girls are totally annoyed by Marnie’s presence in the office and yet I think don’t feel sorry for Marnie.  Charlie in his man-child way apologizes profusely and invites Marnie to party celebrating FORBIT’s 20,000 monthly average users (MAUs).

Hannah and her editor David
Hannah and her editor David

Photo: Jessica Miglio/HBO

Hannah’s professional career might be in toilet after her meeting at Pumpt Magazine with her editor, David Pressler-Goings (played by John Cameron Mitchell) who is not impressed the sample pages of her e-book.  He felt that her writing is not like the samples he read before. He wanted her to put more sex into her book.  David didn’t like the Jane Austin quality to the pages.  Hannah who at this point is still counting from her OCD and still an absolute nervous wreck asks David if he thought her experience with the 19 year old, Frank would make a good story.  David’s perverted mind loved the idea and suggested that she complete her book quickly!

Unfortunately Hannah’s luck continues to fall after she got a Q-Tip stuck in her ear (and one of biggest fears) causing her to have a very interesting trip to the emergency room. Not to mention she was so scared when the incident happened that she called her parents. And they tell her everything she did wrong make her feel stupid. Her emergency room doctor didn’t seem to care about her needs to have her right ear cleaned out, rather he was busy trying to clean out her injured left ear drum. You have to admit thought she needed medical attention but also some extra counseling.

Hannah and Adam
Hannah and Adam

Photo: Jessica Miglio/HBO

Natalia invited Adam to her friend’s engagement party, she was ready to have her people meet her mystery man.  It’s hosted at a bar, something most alcoholics might find difficult in recovery.  Her friend seems very protective of Natalia and thinks that Adam looks like Peter Pan.  Natalia asks Adam if he’s okay with her drinking and he told her to enjoy herself.  It is not until Adam sees Hannah walking home from the emergency room that fuels him into a relapse.  He gets drunk with Natalia at the bar and they are having what as a viewer sees as a good time.

Marnie "Singing"
Marnie “Singing”

Photo: Jessica Miglio/HBO

Marnie’s performance of Kanye West’s “Stronger” was the worst singing I have seen on television.  I love that Allison Williams (who sings well in real life) had to sing horribly on the show. I think that Marnie’s creating the mix because she wanted some attention. She thought her version of the song was going to blow Charlie and his coworkers away. What happened in reality was Charlie wanting her to stop singing as soon as possible because he felt that she was only embarrassing herself. As a result Charlie took her into his office sort of scolds her and tells her that she is falling and sinking.  Than he has sex her on his desk in the corner office with the door wide open.

Probably one of the most controversial scenes of the season involved an intoxicated Adam and Natalia back at his apartment where he asked her to get on all fours and crawl to his bed.  He wanted to get laid that night from behind.  Something Natalia was not comfortable with at all.  As the scene getting deeper and deeper Natalia’s distaste for sex from behind almost looked like she was being raped by Adam.  And not to mention his fluids landed on her dress and breasts.  His behavior was so offensive and such a violation physically, mentally, and emotionally toward Natalia.  Though the scene is very hard to watch this is a reality of our world and perhaps this show is bring to light about sexual assaults, rapes, and misconducts.

At the end of his scene he asked Natalia if she’s done with him.  He goes back to playing games with Natalia like he did with Hannah.  Remember the Pilot of GIRLS when Hannah goes to Adam’s apartment where he wants sex from behind.  It’s all so involved and completed.  But GIRLS Is a very complex show!

Hannah’s final scene included facing her fears of cleaning her right ear with a Q-Tip.

Gavo Capote


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