Girls, Season 2, Episode 6

Hannah gets an “e-book” deal from one of her literary idols. He read her essays and told her that her writing is naïve and bold. He tells her that she is low-high personality because is someone no one has heard of but since she is writing about her lost generation.  The catch is that she only has a month to complete her e-book but I would imagine a person who thinks that she is the “voice of her generation” would be pouring out of her. I guess Hannah really needs to buckle down and get some responsibilities in check so she can complete a job correctly.

Hannah Writing Her E-Book
Hannah Writing Her E-Book

Photo: Jessica Miglio/HBO

Booth’s assistant is fired for taking a scoop of his Rose Butter Ice Cream. She goes on a rant that she could quit her job with Booth and go on tour with her boyfriend who does lighting for Carly Rae Jepsen.  This leaves Booth to ask Marnie if she would work for him for the night serving as a hostess for the night. (It was if she became was accepting Booth’s hand in art party matrimony.)

Shoshanna wants Ray to go to The Learning Annex for a three-day seminar where on the third day Donald Trump will be speak. She thinks the seminar was a bargain at $139 since Ray would learn how to become a millionaire. She also discussed how she thinks that it is crazy that Donald hired his daughter, Ivanka to be a judge on The Apprentice. Shosh’s advice was not going fly with Ray since it is not his goal to be an entrepreneur or businessman. (But you have to admit he does brew one strong cup of opium tea, which is totally legal according to him because he found the opium pods in the flower mart!)

Ray while lectures Hannah and Shosh (yet again) asks Hannah for his copy of Little Women back but she explains that the book was left at Adam’s apartment. Why would you take a copy of Little Women over to your boyfriend’s house? Ray explains that this special copy of the book has an inscription from his godmother, who offers helpful advice to help him get through his shit.  And ever since Ray’s big announcement that he’s 33, homeless, doesn’t have a career, and in his opinion a “loser”, his needs is godmother’s wisdom.  Shosh tells Ray that he should go to Adam’s apartment to get his book back since it is the gentlemanly think to do!

Ray goes to Adam’s apartment to get his copy of Little Women. (Could anyone seriously see Ray reading Little Women?)  His copy of Little Women is in Adam’s bathroom where is there an angry dog barking at him.  Adam stole a dog that he calls dog that he found tied up outside of a café. He didn’t think it was right for the owner to tie his dog outside all alone so he stole him.

Shoshanna is helping Marnie find an artistic looking outfit for Booth’s art party. She explained to Shosh that she thinks that Booth could be the one.  Seriously, this guy in an artistic genius who blows 20-somethings for lunch! You are not Annette Bening! There is no way an new artistic looking dress could get Booth to change his bed hoping ways.  However Shosh expresses her jealously about Marnie’s “relationship.”

Shoshanna said, “You’re like Bella Swan and I’m like her weird friend who doesn’t understand how fabulous her life is because won’t spend, like, four dollar on tacos!”

Jessa’s depressed over her 7-week marriage to Thomas John ending in a smashed humanitarian award, a check for $11,500, and her exile to Hannah’s apartment where she is told she can stay as long as she wishes.  Hannah takes the attitude because Jessa needs the retreat.  (Perhaps the free spirited Jessa will get down to earth after this heartache).

Hannah and Jessa
Hannah and Jessa

Jessica Miglio/HBO

Adam explained that the dog had tags and was from Staten Island. The boys go on a journey to Staten Island to return the canine. While on the Staten Island Ferry they realize that they have a lot in common. They both are experiencing personal rejections.  Ray is going through a crisis of sorts because he has Shoshanna who is falling in love with him but he’s doesn’t respect himself.  Adam says that Ray is only with Shoshanna because she is a little girl that makes him feel better. The guys get into an argument on Staten Island and Ray left alone with the lost dog.

Adam and Ray Walking "Dog"
Adam and Ray Walking “Dog”

Photo: Jessica Miglio/HBO

Jump to Booth’s art party where Marnie is the hostess I would want to hire for a party. She is making the rounds, air kissing the guests and jumping into the arms of Booth’s friends of whom she has met probably a few times.  What was really confusing was her odd very un-Marnie outfit that looked like a strapless gold crocodile patterned top and skirt with a plastic coat over it. It looked very futuristic Prada.  (All she needed was a turban and a fashionable belt.)  Hannah comes in wearing a parka because she thought it was going to rain. It’s while at this party that she sees the division in their relationship and since Marnie started hooking up with Booth she is beginning to lose her.  (As Dunham has mentioned in past interviews the true love story of the show is the dynamic between Marnie and Hannah).  Hannah leaves the party early as she realizes the artists are not people she would want to hangout with.

Hannah and Marnie (Wearing Her "Artistic" Dress)
Hannah and Marnie (Wearing Her “Artistic” Dress)

Photo: Jessica Miglio/HBO

At the end of the night, Booth and Marnie are cleaning up in his wine cellar. He asks her if $500 was enough money for her services for the evening. When she asks him whether he is her boyfriend, he gets defensive and tells her that he used to sleep with his assistant (and every other 20-something woman).  But as his admissions come to air and Marnie is left in tears while she explains that he was close to proposing marriage to her.  Booth is opening up his own insecurities about his fame and how people use him because of his work and that people don’t really know the real him.  He suddenly tries to tell Marnie that she never really loved him but really she was in love with is work, his house, everything not pointing towards him.  While in the cellar he throws what I would assume are very expensive bottles of wine across the room.  (Thank goodness the wine didn’t spill on her very odd plastic coat).

Marnie and Hannah both upset over their evenings talk on the phone as Marnie is going home and is the subway station carrying her plastic coat in a bag that reminded me of the dry cleaner bags.  Hannah is suffering from writing block.  I hope she can complete her e-book in time!

Ray’s journey in Staten Island leaves him with the dog, whose name is Mikey. He emotionally sobs as he contemplates his life.

Ray and Mikey
Ray and Mikey

Photo: Jessica Miglio/HBO


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