The Face Semifinals: Top 24 New Model Hopefuls

It’s no surprise when “The Face” was going to premiere that this show would have it’s share of criticism for being the new version of “America’s Next Top Model” but with it’s added twist of having model coaches leading teams of four models. But as mentioned with my past post on this show, supermodels, Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova, and Coco Rocha are the helm of this show.  It has a similar style to the NBC hit, “The Voice” but I have to say when I watched last Tuesday night I found myself bored because the same type of characters were found in this cast of 24 semi-finalists.

There were the fresh faced virginal 18 year olds, the young 20-something single mothers  who are in the competition for their baby’s futures, and of course the 26 year old, Midwestern girl who has just “one final shot” at modeling! Not to mention the international model hopefuls from China, Belarus, Australia and Canada. The model from China was a former beauty pageant queen who was crowded Miss China Universe 2011.

Okay, so ladies here’s a little fun fact about the history of supermodels: 1980s model, Isabella Rossellini’s successful modeling career did not start until she was 28! She was the face of Lancome, so you are NEVER too young to start modeling!

Like Top Model there were producer shot private interviews with each model hopeful telling the audience one depressing story after another (again remember this is reality television so the more drama the better!) Also, perhaps these ladies just might be good at modeling because if the fabulous Miss Naomi was getting impressed by these models than perhaps they have a chance at success.

Unlike with other modeling reality series, this show does not have a toll free number you can call to keep your favorite model in the competition (“Make Me A Supermodel”, Bravo TV) or under the direction of Miss Tyra Banks (“America’s Next Top Model”, The CW).  This new series on the Oxygen Network created a semifinal competition where 24 model hopefuls could be counted down to 12 finals (4 models on three teams led by the supermodels).

During the first challenge the 24 models were asked to take off all of their makeup and told a photographer would take one picture of them. This is very much the practice of a fashion industry of whether a model will work.  An agency, designer, magazine editor, or photographer will chose to sign a model or not based of that one picture.  This one photograph or Polaroid showed the pure state of the model.  After this challenge three models were cut and told by Naomi Campbell, “I’m sorry but you’re not The Face!”  Seriously this phrase might be better than Tyra’s on Top Model!

The second challenge had the model wannabes showing putting their best foot forward (no joke literally) with a runway challenge with them wearing black swimsuits and large black hats that were covering their faces.  Once the girls completed their walks they were asked to remove their hats.  The supermodel coaches were shocked that some of these girls could walk. One contestant slipped on her heels but was still sent through to the next round because producers were given an amazing opportunity to have Naomi discuss her runway fall during a 1993 Vivienne Westwood fashion show (but come on those shoes were at least a foot tall, no model could walk in those!)

Obviously the big part of my interest in this show is Naomi because she is a loose cannon because seriously she explained that she has over 20 years in the fashion industry and she knows her stuff.  She was very opinionated about models in the competition and would not have a problem arguing with Karolina or Coco about wanting a certain model.  Karolina and Coco were each shown in private interviews explaining that they have only seen the nice side of Ms. Campbell and were starting to get to see her bad side.  Seriously I would hope Naomi have a nervous breakdown over something stupid like a certain model getting cut from the competition.

In the final round of the top 16 models were asked to choose and outfit from a rack of clothes from DKNY, asked to meet with a makeup artist and hair stylists and create their top model look.  Again some of the models were thinking simplistic with a sleek ponytail and sheer makeup. On the other hand a model who was once promising creating a looks of a hair style that was not flattering to her and with make up that was too heavy and dark (i.e. very 80s). It was during this section that a final reveal of each model with a projected “before” and “after” photographs. A dark metal warehouse door would open to reveal the model in her “new look” with the three model coaches and host, Nigel Barker.  Each model held in their hands a model portfolio, if they wanted a certain model they would hold up their portfolio after the big reveal.  Some models got all three model coaches wanting them on their team, some only one, and others did not have any coach wanting them.

In the event of multiple coaches wanting a model (and in “The Voice” style) the model contestant got to choose the supermodel coach they wanted.  See, there was certainly a pattern.  Naomi wanted the four best models who could be on the runways from around the globe!   Karolina would take any model with a child or children because she felt the need to show them that you can model and mother at the same time. Coco would take any model they she felt she could mold in the next big fashion star.  It was hilariously to see Naomi fight for certain girls.

Now, will I watch next week’s first episode with the top 12? Probably not, but I would be interested in seeing if Naomi can behave herself!

Until next time!

I’m Gavo Capote!

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