Girls Season 2, Episode 3 (“Right now it’s a Wednesday night, baby, and I’m alive!”)

The episode opens with Hannah meeting with Jane, the creator of an website called She has been offered an opportunity to write a freelance piece for the website. The editor asks Hannah to write a piece where she is exploring something that she has never done before. Jane suggests that she do a threesome with strangers from Craigslist or to try cocaine. Hannah explained that the whole threesome story is something she could not do because it would be too many people to pay attention to, so she decides on the cocaine story.

After Hannah’s interview she walks to Jessa’s informal yard sale on the streets where she is assisted by Shoshanna and Marnie. Shoshanna’s cranky this morning because Ray keeps her up all night because he likes to watch old episodes of “Ally McBeal”. She explained that she got pissed at him because she has places to be the next day. Jessa laughs at her. Hannah tells the girls about her freelance piece and asks Jessa if she knew where she could get coke. Marnie suggests that she talk to the Laird the junkie in Hannah’s building about getting the drugs to experiment for her piece. Marnie told Hannah that Laird used to hangout a lot in the mailroom.

Hannah goes to Laird’s apartment on the first floor and she answers the door. He looks dirty and like a junkie but we learn that he is now clean and sober. He however agrees to get Hannah the cocaine because he still had contacts with dealers but he explains and expresses that Hannah not get into drugs because they can be addictive.

Marnie’s new job is not glamorous at the “Wedge Brook Club. She might be a hostess but the older, wealthy patrons have not been kind to her. She gets her ass pinched by an older gentlemen and he asked her to get him a special bottle of wine. Also at the club is Booth Jonathan, an artist, whom was Marnie’s crush from the first season of the show. Booth is still as sexually explicit as usual. Booth loves that young people like Marnie will give up on their dreams the first time they fail at something. Marnie attacks him for being a conman who sells people overpriced art pieces. Booth loves that Marnie is talking dirty to him.

Elijah and Hannah will be taking the cocaine that Laird got her. Elijah felt the need to dress Hannah for this occasion in a style that he called “power clashing” inspired by a girl he went to middle show with. The look is a cropped white flower top with dark pair of flower pattern hot pains. He wants to go out that night to the “Greenhouse” club to see two new gay DJs named Andrew Andrew. They act, dress, dance and look alike.

Marnie is taken to Booth’s house that also serves as his studio. She gets tour of all of his artwork. She is blown away by his artwork and other pieces including reworked children’s dollhouses. Booth wants to show Marnie the best thing that she’s ever made, a multi-media box with towers of televisions each playing different images and playing loud music to the song “Barely Breathing” by Duncan Sheik. He asks Marnie to get in the box and he immediately locks her in the box. Booth keeps her in the box for an extended period of time where she is disturbed by the images. Booth is just doing random thinks like checking his AOL mail and working on other art projects. When Marnie is finally released from the box, she says, “What the fuck man! You’re so fucking talented!”

At the Greenhouse Club, Hannah and Elijah declare that they are the “sexiest couple in the room that don’t have sex together!” Hannah enters the clubs and starts to dance with another person who later asks her if she would like to switch tops. Which is openly takes off and puts on an acid-yellow mesh see-through top. Elijah and Hannah declare that they both need to take more cocaine where they are indulging into more dancing at the club.

Marnie and Booth’s sex scene is a little disturbing. We learn that that he likes dolls and asks Marnie to look at the doll in one corner of this work. He asks Marnie if she is on the pill. It’s a very strange scene which she later texts to Hannah of her hook up and how excited she is.

On their third pump of cocaine, Elijah and Hannah in the bathroom talk about when they first meet each other at Oberlin College. They meet in a computer lab where Elijah yells at Hannah to “hang her wet thermals over the chair!” Elijah comes clean to Hannah that Marnie and him had sex after the house warming party. Hannah immediately gets upsets wanted to know if Elijah felt Marnie’s body, and if he was attracted to Marnie. He explained that the mix of Marnie lip balm and Trident Layers gum tasted good. But that he was not aroused by her. Hannah feels hot as a side effect of the third bump of cocaine. The pair later go to a pharmacy called “Metro Drugs”.

Hannah learns that their neighbor, Laird, followed her the whole night because he was worried about her. He felt that he needed to protect her because he bought her the drugs. Laird felt horrible because he also bought drugs for himself. He tells Elijah and Hannah that they need to the take the drugs that he got for himself that they need to get away.

Hannah receives a text from Marnie that tells her that she had sex with Booth Jonathan. Hannah, Elijah, and Laird walk to Booth Jonathan’s house so she can confront Marnie about being a bad friend. Hannah while under the influence tells her that Marnie is a bad friend for lying to her about her hook up with Elijah. He tells Hannah that he is happy that his secret is out. And being under the influence of cocaine is like going through a therapy session. Hannah told him that Elijah that he needs to move out of the apartment because he has ruined her relationship with her best friend, Marnie.

Laird gets Hannah out Booth’s complex and takes her back to their apartment complex where she starts to make out with him.

Until next week’s Girls Episode!

Gavo Capote


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