Girls- Season 2, Episode 2 Recap

This episode picks up with Elijah (Andrew Rannells) and his boyfriend George (Billy Morrissette) fighting about Elijah’s infidelity with Marnie (Allison Williams) at the end of last week’s premiere. George questions why Elijah will not tell Hannah about his hook up with Marnie, but does not because he knows that Hannah will be extremely hurt by the action. Next, Elijah and Hannah are watching a video of Adam’s (Adam Driver) heartbreaking songs about his feelings for Hannah.  Elijah and Hannah watch this video horrified.

The dynamic between Hannah, Elijah, and Sandy (Donald Glover) is tested as there are little arguments between the guys because Sandy’s a Republican.  All of this taking place in the bathroom as Hannah and Sandy brush their teeth and Elijah brushes his hair. Hannah to stop the argument says, “Hey, George had a Hotmail account and I am not judging him!”

Marnie’s interviewing for a curator position at another art gallery where the interviewer (played by Lena Dunham’s mother). We learn that Marnie’s a native of Montclair, NJ. When the interviewer reads on her resume that she worked for Reese (her former boss) she says sly remark about her. After what Marnie thinks is a successfully interview, it goes sour after she is told that she would offer her an open receptionist position at the gallery but does not think that she has what it take to work in the art world.  I have to admit watching this scene can take viewers back to their own hardships and struggles they face to see if their are in the right position or industry.

Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) and Ray (Alex Karpovsky) are very much in a relationship of some kind and we pick up with them in bed laughing about her stories from working at her summer sleepaway camp.  As a former camp counselor myself it made me chuckle in glee that Shoshanna’s past camp experience continues to be a part of her character’s dialogue.  They are joined by a distaught Marnie who comes back from her interview.

Shoshanna has a solution for Marnie’s unemployment. She explained that her from college, Denise, got a job at a restaurant working as a hostess. Shoshanna felt that because Marnie is a good-looking woman that she could easily get a job as a hostess and make tons of money.  According to Shoshanna, Denise makes enough money to buy a killer wardrobe.  Ever a connector, Shoshanna gets her phone out and calls her friend to help Marnie out.  You gotta love a friend with connections!

Hannah’s visit Thomas-John (Chris O’Dowd) and Jessa (Jemima Kirke)’s Williamsburg loft sees Jessa’s artistic talents as she was doing a portrait of Thomas-John. She declares that she hates the painting because she usually only like paintings of people that she hates (like her mother).  Thomas-John quickly leaves to go out as Hannah comes in.  He surprises Jessa with three puppies in which Hannah helps to name the three dogs (“Garbage”, “F**ker”, and “Hanukkah”). Hannah and Jessa discuss her new boyfriend Sandy (Donald Glover). Hannah is worried that Sandy is not reading her essays.  Jessa tells Hannah that Thomas-John loves her paintings and cannot wait to see them once she is done. Jessa felt that Hannah needs to find a guy who wants to read her essays when she finishes them.

We cut to Sandy and Hannah big ‘open discussions” where he gives her negative feedback on her essay.  He in fact doesn’t like her essays and is the first in Hannah’s world who has not ever fallen in love with her writings. Keeping her past conversion with Jessa in mind she starts an argument with him about his conservative politics.  Sandy said, “You don’t need to have two Republicans to make a Republican” when he comments that his parents are liberals.  Hannah opens up about her political believes on gay marriage, gun control, and death row/death penalty. She brings up cultural stereotypes about African Americans.  After this argument Sandy breaks up with Hannah but she then says that can’t be with a guy who doesn’t support gay marriage.

A scene is cut to Marnie and Elijah who discusses their past hook-up. Elijah asks Marnie if she has told Hannah about them and she say no.  Elijah feels that Hannah can never find out because she has very thin skin and it would destroy her.  As Hannah comes back Elijah makes his exit while also making a crack at her wardobe (Marnie’s new work uniform) in which her outfit made her look like a “slutty von Trapp kid.” Marnie tells Hannah that she got a job working at the “Wedge Brook Club” where she is making $400 a day and is working on her interpersonal communication skills. Hannah is concerned that she does not look hot enough to work as a hostess but is worried that Marnie is working at a restaurant only because of her looks. She wishes Marnie would get a job closer to her talents.

The final scene finds Hannah all alone in the apartment when she get a text from Adam that he is downstairs and a second one that tells her that she just shut off her light. He breaks into her apartment with the emergency key she gave him and she is freaked out by his presence in the apartment. Adam apologizes for the depressing videos of his songs and asks if he could have a glass of milk. While at the fridge, Hannah calls 911 because she’s scared. She repeatedly asked Adam to leave and in a few minutes later, two police officers come to her apartment and asked about why she called 911.  This leads to an argument between Hannah and Adam along with the two police officers trying to the bottom of the dispute.  Hannah revealed that she wanted to get a restraining order against Adam. (Than Adam says that he should have gotten a restraining order against Hannah).  Once the police looking up Adam’s information it is learned that he has past unpaid tickets and the officers arrest him and take him away in cuffs.  Hannah is left apologizing.

Let’s see what next week’s episode brings us!

Gavo Capote


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  1. The Q says:

    Thomas-John is a stupid name. I give their marriage 2 months. Or one more “Girls” episode.

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