Carrie Diaries…One Word…FACT CHECK!!

I am not a fan of The CW’s new show “The Carrie Diaries” which took the Mondays at 8:00pm time slot that  “Gossip Girl” had.  This mid-season replacement premiered after Gossip Girl ended their show in a shortened 10-episode final season.

After watching Sex in the City many times, all 6 seasons, since I was a teenager I was really shocked that the creators of “The Carrie Diaries” did not pay closer attention to the truth that Carrie Bradshaw talked about in one specific episode from Season 4, Episode 17, “A Vogue Idea” where she opens up to one of the Vogue Magazine editors, Julian Fisher (Ron Rifkin) about her family background.

Carrie told Julian that her father left her mother when she was just five years old. It leaves her ponder over the rest of the episode and writes a column entitled, “How much does a father figure figure?”

Carrie turns to her best friend Miranda Hobbes where outside her apartment they discussed the issue.

Carrie– “Hey do you think think it could be as simple as my father walked out therefore I’ll always be messed up about men?”

Miranda– “My father came home every night at seven on the dot and I have no clue about men either.”

However when we watch “The Carrie Diaries” a much different picture of a young 16-year-old Carrie Bradshaw is painted. It’s 1984, in suburban Connecticut and Tom Bradshaw has lost his wife over the summer and is coping to raise his two daughters, Carrie and and Dorritt.  Carrie is introduced to New York City because her father gets her an internship and that is how our Carrie Bradshaw got her first taste of the city.

I am not going to negatively criticize the acting or the actors playing these parts. But I do want to question the creators, writers, producers and all the other people involved in this television show for their lack of details of which Carrie speaks of as an adult. Are the SITC fans to believe that Carrie’s childhood was a hoax? Did she make up all these details about her teenage year?

All I ask as viewer that you do is fact check! It’s what journalists have to do.

Until next time!

Gavo Capote


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  1. rayzr08 says:

    More over, there is an episode when Carrie talks about having an abortion, during 1988 and that she was 22 at that time. That making Carrie clearly 18 years old during 1984. Also we find this person Dorrit, he sister, which initially tells us Carrie is a bitch cause she wouldn’t invite her even less to important events in her life in the future.

    1. gavocapote says:

      Good points!

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