Girls Wins Big at Golden Globes! Season 2 Premieres!

This evening at the 70th Annual, Golden Globe Awards organized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, awarded Lena Dunham, Best Actress in a TV Series, Comedy for “Girls” on HBO in which she writes, directors, produces and created with mega-Hollywood producer, Judd Apatow.  The show also won Best TV Series, Comedy and beat out ABC’s comedy favorite “Modern Family”.

Dunham was up against Hollywood’s biggest TV comedy stars including: Zooey Deschanel (“The New Girl”), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“Veep”), Tina Fey (“30 Rock”), and Amy Poehler (“Parks and Recreation”).

The Season 2 Premiere of “Girls” began with a scan of Hannah and new roommate Elijah (who was her former college boyfriend).  We also saw many changes with other cast members including a newly de-flowered Shoshanna feeling a new sense of independence but also feeling a little lost and angered when she sees Ray, who was her love interest during season one with a possible rekinding of that romance this coming season?

Marnie is left unemployed from the art gallery after going to lunch with her boss who blirts out in front of the Cynthia Rowley Boutique of her downsizing.  Her boss told her that she would get back on her feet and Marnie is left speechless.   The episode also introduces use to Marnie’s mother, played by Rita Wilson, who would rather be her daughter’s best friend than mother.  Her mother said she looked like she was 30!

Hannah’s love life begins with a new lover but she still sees Adam, whom she is nursing back to health after broking his leg as result being hit  by a car as seen in the Season 1 Finale.  The Hannah-Adam relationship is extremely complicated.  Can’t wait to see where Dunham’s vision will take us through this second season.

Hannah and Elijah new roommate relationship have them planning theme nights and throwing a party that in my view looked like a fun Brooklyn get-together. As they set up the party he discusses the complicated relationship with the much older, George, where he declared, “Maybe I want to be Wendi Murdoch!”

The party included a karaoke setup where George, drunkenly calls out the youngters for not being as crazy as he was in his 20s.   But as the party gets crazier a much worried Elijah begs Hannah to get George out of the apartment because he was ruining the party.  Also at the party are Marnie’s ex-boyfriend Charlie and new girlfriend, Audrey, who reminds me of Marnie during the pilot of “Girls” expressing how much she was annoyed by how overprotective Charlie is as he waits for her to come out of the bathroom. Marnie and Charlie’s conversations during the episode were brief, but in the eyes of Marnie you can tell she misses him and misses having a boyfriend.

In the final scenes of the episode Marnie and Elijah are left in the apartment singing while Hannah visit Adam to drop off supplies to him and she can make a visit to her new love interest.  Elijah discusses with Marnie that he thinks he might be a bisexual and than makes out with her and takes to a new level only ending the possible activity after Marnie’s eye rolling offends him.

Jessa’s makes a small appearance coming back from what the audience can assume the airport from her honeymoon with Thomas-John. The cut in front of a line of angry New Yorkers. Once in the cab Jessa laughs uncontrollable after the taxi driver asks her where to go and she doesn’t know where Thomas John lives.

In a beautiful final scene, a rejected Marnie goes to Charlie’s apartment and ask if she can just sleep next to Charlie and only if it wouldn’t cause a problem with an absent Audrey who wishes for a day away from Charlie. Perhaps Dunham will allow these former lovers to return to one another.

Can’t wait for next Sunday! Once again Congrats to Lena Dunham!

Gavo Capote


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